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Every successful project is the fruit of hard work, and this applies to every field of construction. Intuition alone is not enough to create a result that people will love and use. We challenge our teams to do their research, think clearly and plan accordingly.
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Relationships matter! Our preferred paint supplier is MegaPaints Mooikloof, for guidance and expert assistance over the years. They are our go-to for a second opinion when it comes to repairing water damage, doing plaster repairs, waterproofing, crack repairs and so much more.

Their on-site visits for inspections add to our project strategy to get the job done. With their expertise, we work out a step-by-step plan to treat the cause and make the necessary repairs to ensure long-lasting results.

We now can confidently say that our workmanship will last as long and the paint, if not longer.

We make use of our preferred paint supplier Mega Paints Mooi kloof, for guidance and assistance over the years to get a second opinion how to repair water damage, plaster repair, waterproofing, crack repair and more, they come out and do site inspections and we work out a step-by-step plan how to treat the cause and make the necessary repair to ensure you have no more worries of financial losses after we have completed repairs.
The manufactures offered site inspections on intervals to ensure that we follow our step-by-step plan in correctly repair problems. We have an excellent working relationship and they offered us and us extended guarantee on our workmanship.
We now can confidently say that our workmanship will last as long and the paint and even longer as we have repainted some of our older projects 10 years after repairs were done, although paint faded the issues were resolved permanently.

Extended 7-year guarantee offered by manufacturer.

Normally manufactures come out only when you threaten them with legal action and when they do come out, they blame it on contractor or other materials used when repair was done so Stevenson’s guarantee is excellent as they inspect work and guarantee the complete job.

A regular in Mooi Kloof approached us after he noticed new cracks in several areas of his 1200m2 home.

We went to inspect issues and found several small problems like incorrect plaster mixtures causing settlement cracks, expansion joints that needed a service and the odd water damage caused by leaking window frames and rising damp.

There were numerous questionable cracks that we could not determine cause without the assistance of a structural engineer. We enlisted the services of a structural engineer and started on his request and guidance to excavate sections of the foundation where he wanted to determine the dimensions of foundation and did soil composition and density tests.

We were following his inspection and found causes and were advised what went wrong and how to repair issues, this involvement in the process proved an unbelievably valuable learning experience and we have sought his experience and wisdom numerous times over the years and can safely say that we can tend to most structural issues ourselves and only make use of his valuable time and services when our clients need to claim or take legal action.

Guaranteed Workmanship!

We don’t offer a 7-year guarantee* on the workmanship of our specialized painting teams for nothing. The reason is simple – we do more. We don’t just paint walls to disguise potential issues. We put effort into the preparation before painting, ensuring the work lasts longer.

Repairs include

Damaged Wall Plaster
Minor and Structural Cracks
Water Damaged Walls
Our clients prefer us due to the high-quality workmanship we deliver and guarantee. Our dedicated teams of artisans are passionate about what they do and it is evident in the continuous and excellent results they achieve.

*7 Year Guarantee: Terms & Conditions apply.